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SHEcorporated One Step Empire

Kristy Carruthers

We're here each week to help fellow female entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their business empire with the growth program women actually have time for. The ONE STEP program. Because, let's be honest, no woman in business has extra time on her hands. We need effective, actionable, items we can complete quickly, that will give us REAL results. Period. Season Two builds on the foundation from Season One, by featuring guest experts each week to help you build your business and bootstrap your empire, on a budget.Stick with us and week by week, step by step, you will make progress you never dreamed possible. Marketing, planning, finance, strategy, networking, social media and every corner of your business that you never have time to really dig into, we'll be covering little by little, week by week. We are here to connect, encourage, and elevate each other, as we build the businesses and lives of our dreams, for ourselves and for our families.
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