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ReLAUNCH your Life and your Business!

December 14, 2022 Kristy Carruthers Season 3 Episode 29
ReLAUNCH your Life and your Business!
SHEcorporated One Step Empire
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SHEcorporated One Step Empire
ReLAUNCH your Life and your Business!
Dec 14, 2022 Season 3 Episode 29
Kristy Carruthers

When everything changes, it’s truly our opportunity to change everything.  

I am willing to bet you are experiencing some massive changes in your life and your business right now.  

We all are.

It’s hard, and even if it’s a minor change – humans generally just don’t like uncertainty.  But I want you to flip your thinking on change – and this is the key: how do you harness that transition and ensure that it becomes transformational?

It’s all changing anyway – so why not grab this opportunity to create the life you REALLY dream of?

The change you are experiencing may be difficult, dramatic change, but it’s happening regardless.  The constraints that held you are falling away and this is your opportunity to rebuild, to ReLAUNCH your life, your business, your relationship – to ReLaunch better.

Hilary is with us today walking us through the process to relaunch and blast through your limiting beliefs as well.  If you are going through big changes right now and ready to build back better, you are going to want to make notes today – she is dropping gold for us on this episode!

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Show Notes Transcript

When everything changes, it’s truly our opportunity to change everything.  

I am willing to bet you are experiencing some massive changes in your life and your business right now.  

We all are.

It’s hard, and even if it’s a minor change – humans generally just don’t like uncertainty.  But I want you to flip your thinking on change – and this is the key: how do you harness that transition and ensure that it becomes transformational?

It’s all changing anyway – so why not grab this opportunity to create the life you REALLY dream of?

The change you are experiencing may be difficult, dramatic change, but it’s happening regardless.  The constraints that held you are falling away and this is your opportunity to rebuild, to ReLAUNCH your life, your business, your relationship – to ReLaunch better.

Hilary is with us today walking us through the process to relaunch and blast through your limiting beliefs as well.  If you are going through big changes right now and ready to build back better, you are going to want to make notes today – she is dropping gold for us on this episode!

The ReLaunch Co Website:

Facebook: The ReLaunch Co

Instagram: @therelaunchco 

LinkedIn: Hilary Howard DeCesare 

Ready to SMASH Your Goals?   We're here to help!

Make this the year that changes EVERYTHING.  

Now offering limited spots in our full day “Done with You” Success Blueprint Days  for personalized marketing and strategy to propel you to your biggest year ever!


[00:00:00] When everything changes, it's truly our opportunity to change everything. I'm willing to bet you're experiencing some massive changes in your life and your business. Right now, we all are. It's hard. And even if it's a minor change, humans just generally do not like uncertainty, but I want you to flip your thinking on change.

And this is the key. How do you harness that transition and ensure that it. Transformational. It's all changing anyway. So why not grab this opportunity to create the life you really dream of the change you're experiencing may be difficult, dramatic change, but it's happening regardless. The constraints that held you are falling away, and this is your opportunity to rebuild, to relaunch your life, your business, your relationship to relaunch better.

Hillary is with us today, walking us through the process to relaunch and blast through your limiting beliefs as well. If you are going through big changes right now, and you're ready to build [00:01:00] back better, you're gonna wanna make notes today. She is dropping gold for us on this episode, let's get into it.

 Hillary to Caesar is an award-winning business expert author host of the relaunch podcast and radio America's the relaunch live and founder of the relaunch company Hillary has a psychology degree and multiple certifications and she uses her unique experience in training to empower midlife women to experience joy and reimagine what's possible in their life and their business And Hillary I am so excited to have you on the show today. Thank you so much for being. Christy. This is so awesome to be here and I've been looking forward to this. So hopefully we will over deliver to all of the lifters out there. I hope so, too. I'm sure we will. Now you've got some really interesting experience, through your history here, including a feature on secret millionaire, which I'd love to talk about, but before we get to that, Can you tell us a bit about how you got to this really interesting intersection of neuropsychology and business and serving women like you do?

Hmm, [00:02:00] absolutely. So my really my journey began in the Silicon valley and it was during a time where it was all boys club and I was, you know, literally leaning into everything I possibly could to continue up the ladder. And I was at, you know, corporate America. I was at Oracle and. After 10 years of that, I had gotten to a point where I'm like, I wanna go out.

I have this entrepreneurial desire I had had, you know, I had had really great success in this environment, but it was taking a toll. I was trying to. Raised three kids. I was divorced. I had these, you know, three little kids under seven, and I was just like, I felt like I had corporate guilt. I felt like I had this, like, I wasn't doing anything.

Right. Right. I had, my relationship was, you know, tanked my. Work. I felt, you know, when I, I was guilty when I was there, I was guilty when I was home. My kids were just like, you know, [00:03:00] wanting more and more of my time. And so I decided to venture out and create my very, like my very first, if you can believe this over 20 years ago, I had a consulting company.

With another gal that we did together and consulting then is coaching now. So it's funny. I look and I'm like, okay, I does that mean I'm like a dinosaur in this world. And I say, how long I've been doing this? It really triggered. I started doing all of this for so many different other people. I was helping people grow their business, scale, their business, sell their business, merge their business. And I thought. I wanna do that now for my own. So I, I went out and I started a company and it was a internet safety company to keep girls under 13, safe, online. It was a tech company, it was security.

And I just, I mean, I loved it, you know, raising millions and millions of dollars and. But yet I couldn't give up the [00:04:00] coaching. I couldn't give up this. Like, so no matter what I was doing, no matter what company I was working, you know, on and launching and, and, you know, entrepreneurship, I had to continue to coach and it fueled me when I was going through so many of my own relaunches.

And yes, relaunches are happening at a heightened level right now, Christie. I mean, there's not a person I meet. That isn't going through either a personal or professional or both relaunch. I call it the great relaunch, cuz it really is. We're all like trying to figure out like, what are we doing next? Who am I, how am I gonna make this work?

You know, how am I going to create success? And it was one of these moments where I kept getting additional relaunches. I mean, my mom got cancer. Passed away, you know, suddenly I, I took care of her and then my, you know, my dog died, then my dad [00:05:00] just passed away. My, you know, I sold a house after 25 years in it and moved to a different state and these are all relaunches.

And what I had garnered from all of these different experiences and working with the thousands of people I have is that there was a process that really. I worked through in my failures and my successes. And I ended up when, you know, COVID was, you know, deep in and my mom had just passed. I, I couldn't do the eat, pray, love.

I couldn't go out there. And like, you know, venture the world. I couldn't go into the wild, put my backpack on. And my, you know, my crappy tens, I had to figure out what can I do? And so at that point, I decided I need to write a book. And it, I, I finished it. I came out a few months ago and it's called the relaunch spark your heart to ignite your life.

And so that's my journey. It, you know, all the relaunches put together, all my clients' [00:06:00] relaunches and giving women a sense that, you know what, the second half, this next chapter truly 100% can be your best. It's not just words. We've always had some kind of relaunch in our lives, but the, the, the pace at which it's accelerated over the last few years is absolutely stunning.

We were looking for some prospects for one of my other companies and going through LinkedIn and it struck me probably 80% of the, the LinkedIn profiles that I saw had been at their position for less than a. Never seen anything like that. Yeah. Great resignation. Everybody everybody's moving and changing and you know, some of them are starting new companies.

Some of them are just moving to a new corporate position, whatever it is. It's a massive change in, in all, in all areas of these people's lives. It's, it's absolutely amazing. So what timing, it's really great revelation. It's like realizing, you know, the great [00:07:00] realization. It's realizing that what got you, where you are now.

Isn't what you want anymore. and it's, you know, it's, it's woken us all up. We now are at this point where. How do you do it? How do you take that step? How do you have the confidence? How do you have the ability to say, you know, how am I gonna, how am I gonna pay for this next adventure in my life? How do I do this?

How do I make sure that it's successful? Right. Because a lot of these people that are, you know, it's a crazy statistic. Right. But a lot of people haven't ever haven't ever done. Maybe they're starting a new business and yeah, they've been very successful and they've had, you know, P and LS and they've, you know, had that success in corporate, but they haven't done the startup, but they know they have that burning, you know, that's why I say spark in the book.

It's like spark, you know, you have it. And for so many of us, it was just doled out. [00:08:00] And you mentioned, you know, the relaunches that are happening, you've got global relaunches, which are, you know, pandemic, war, financial crisis, political crisis. Then you've got, you've got your individual relaunches where like, Hey, what am I doing?

Why am I doing this? What do I want in life? And then relationships. Right? And then you've got business relaunches. And so never in our history, have we had all three in such uncertain times and the thing that people humans dislike the most is uncertainty. And so it's, it's a, it's a really, really difficult time for people, but they are opening up their eyes and saying, I, I, I don't want the same, same all, and it's not, we can't have a new normal, we have to have a new, different at this point.

Oh, I love that. And I think that's the silver lining really to all of [00:09:00] this. I mean, all of the tragedy and all of the uncertainty and the horrible things that have happened over the last few years is that we've all been forced to reexamine what we're doing, what we wanna do and, and you know, how we move forward with that.

And I think that's incredible. You know, that we all have that opportunity and we're, we're really being forced to look at that. So I just absolutely love that. Now you tell us a little bit about this, cause we've got a lot of things that we wanna talk about today, but I, I wanna hear a little bit about secret millionaire before we go on, because you had a, you had an opportunity, you landed on secret millionaire.

What was that? Well, and I'll tell you, you know, a lot of times we as women. Are not very good at bragging about ourselves. And we, we were discussing this before, you know, I just got back from a trip and our family went around each night and had, you know, one person got to humble brag, say three things about themselves that they, you know, don't normally share as being proud.

And then we all got to say something nice, but. It it's one of those that I feel super blessed [00:10:00] first off. I, I don't like the name of, you know, the secret millionaire, but I do love the premise of what I was able to do. And that is go on undercover and spend my own money, which is, you know, I was single at the time and the show acts like they, pay all the money and all that, but no, no, no.

It's actually coming outta your pocket and I'll never forget my ex-husband. You're gonna give away that much money. Like, what are you thinking? Like, why would you do that? , you know, you're a single woman I'm like, and I just said, you know what? This is gratitude. I am so grateful for what I have. And I know when I, when I give it, I'll get it back.

I believe in, you know, law of rest reciprocity. So I was able to do this show. I was able to give significant amount of money to four different charities of which I gotta tell you one became a very dear friend of mine who ended up speaking at my second wedding. Oh, wow. Which is, which is [00:11:00] so good.

Ironic. Pretty ironic. Right. And my ex-husband was there. He was there. So yeah, it was, it was a great experience and it, I think it really impacted me in what I ended up creating for my business relaunch, which is my company the relaunch co, because it, it made me realize. How we go through life, living the way that we have been brought up, we live other people's stories.

We leave, we live other people's beliefs. And when I had to pull myself away from my lifestyle, go and spend time with people that didn't have what I had. And I had always been a, a very generous like contributor with checks. Sure. I'll write you a check. Sure. I'll write you a check, but. Putting my hands in the dirt or my situation, it was horse Pope cleaning up a whole bunch of horse poop.

It made me really [00:12:00] realize that there's so much more to that, that better version of yourself. I call it your higher self and. When this all came out, I started to realize how in my head I had been, everything is like, oh, how am I gonna be perceived? How, you know, what is gonna happen with this? What if I make the wrong move?

I was so fear based. And then I started to really tap into that. You know, and we talked about the, the, why the, why am I here? The what's my purpose. And through all of that, I created the three HQ, which is getting outta your head into your heart to access your higher self, which by the way, once you do that, Manifestation of your dream relationship, your dream job, your, you know, dream, everything ends up actually happening, cuz you're removing the barriers that we allow to stay up.

But once you realize like holy [00:13:00] smokes, those are that that's, what's holding me back. It's like the dominoes start to fall. I love actionable steps as well, which is why I really wanna dig into this. And you're a big believer of that turning transition into transformation.

You know, what's the saying, when everything changes, change everything, I love that. I really leaned into that one. So let's talk about that. Let's talk about that three HQ method and, and how we do that. How does that. Well, and it's interesting as I do, I love, you know, the change and you know, when you think about that great also that great quote about, you know, without change, there'd be no butterflies.

And you think about like the metamorphosis of like what happens in the cocoon and how they eat them, you know, their eat, their bodies. And then they met, I really felt like that was me. Like I had to go deep. It was like, there were a lot of those, you know, the, the dark night of the soul and these things.

And when you are at a point where. And I, and we might, you might be, you know, understanding this and with the people you work with, [00:14:00] when you start to go down that spiral path where like, this has happened to me and that's happened to me now, this is happening to me. And it gets you caught up in. Almost the what's next, what's around a corner and these are all those relaunches that are those transitions.

And when we can look at it differently, With the three HQ in mind with the three HQ process in mind of getting out of your head and the steps to do that, the steps to get rid of your negative thoughts, the steps to understand how your future identity can create, you know, where everything that you wanna do in your life.

And then you can get into that heart center of your why of why, why do you want to start this new business? Why do you want to now take that step and, you know, go for that job that you've never thought you [00:15:00] could do at your, you know, corporate. Why do you wanna like throw everything away and just start over?

It's that? It's the hard place and leadership. Is starting to realize that it's not about head leadership. It's about heart leadership and too many people just they're like it's, it's the IQ of the 50, 60 seventies, right? Where IQ was everything. And then the nineties became EQ the emotional quotient.

Today's times it's about three HQ. You have to be living this from your own perspective, from your own internal perspective, so that then you can incorporate it into your business. And I think that that's why the great relaunch is really happening. And if you're, if you're struggling. You're not alone because there's so many relaunches, you know, that are happening and it's the energy [00:16:00] around how you're doing it.

It's that? How do we take this transition? Which could be terrible. I'm not like downplaying. We have like awful, awful, awful. I just lost my dad, you know, not even a month ago. And how do you take something like that and allow for it to transform you into. Not the sadness, the despair, the, you know, gosh, I woke up this morning and I even thought like, oh my God, I haven't talked to my dad in a while.

I need to call him like you get into those processes, but how do you take it and have a great transformation around it? As you mentioned, this silver lining. My podcast used to be called silver line relaunch. Now it's just the relaunch podcast, which I was laughing when you said that, cuz I'm like, yeah.

Do you know, I have probably done 150 plus episodes and there have been some of the. Most incredible relaunches that you could ever imagine. And, you know, we go into some of like life's worst situations, health [00:17:00] wise you know just terrible violence and I even Holocaust survivor. And I would ask whether on camera off, I'd say you could do it again.

Would you change anything? And, you know, I have not had one person and we're talking rape molestation, you know, death of, you know, children, death of siblings, death. I mean, you know, even someone who died on the, you know, ground zipped up in a body bag and then it was opened up again. Wait, wait. And I'm still here.

Not one said that they would go back and change anything. That's the transition to transformation. We all have it in us, by the way, some people have grasped it a little sooner, a little earlier than others, but having done this for so long, there are success metrics. There are literally KPIs, keep performance indicators to allow you to get there.

[00:18:00] And it all starts in, you know, one of the questions you said, like this, this like crazy path I've taken, but yet. It really now makes so much sense. It, it seemed a little bit like I'm going right. I'm going left. I'm doing all these things, but in reality, I took the psychology. And then I became passionate 10 years ago about neuroscience.

I studied under some of the absolute best, took out. What I love from psychology took out what I love from neuroscience, and then put together this concept three HQ and in the head, I just wanna mention one. In the head when we are ruminating around the negatives around that God, like so much bad stuff is going on right now in the world, in my life, in my business.

How do we get from there to success? And one of the [00:19:00] things that I go through in the head section is this concept of bugs, beliefs, underground, surfacing beliefs, underground surfacing, and these are those limiting beliefs and too many successful women and women that are trying to reach success. Think we can power through it.

I'm strong enough. Or, you know, I can do this, I can do this. I'm willpower, willpower. It never works. And we're talking like, you know, people that have been iron man women, you know, I mean, incredible, like have that, you know, that I can really make it happen. You can't, your brain is wired a certain way. And in order to change, we have to eliminate.

And that takes time. It takes a process and I call it the belief blaster. And it's a very, you know, it's, it's a five step process and I go [00:20:00] through it in the book, but five step process that takes you through understanding that we all have limiting beliefs, every single one of us. I've only met one person, one woman.

She's the C-suite in one of the largest companies in the world. And she said, I don't have any limiting believes. I've been working on myself forever. I have none. And I said to her, well, okay, but the people who work for you do. So we have to learn this concept because we've gotta, you know, first and foremost, make sure that you understand the people, the heart

And so it was funny outside of that, we can all take a deep breath and say, we're, you know, we're in good company cuz we all have 'em and there is a process that I'm a big believer in. I don't want people to be indebted to me. I don't want people to be like, you know, I gotta keep going back to her. Oh my God.

Oh my God. I wanna give you, I wanna give you the keys to unlock those doors. You may not like what you see behind the [00:21:00] doors, but at least then I can help you with the process to, to free up that space. 

So the three HS are the head. , the heart. And the higher self and the higher self is that best version of you? The version that we all know is, is there. It's that, you know, you're connected to energy, you're connected to source you're connected to something. It doesn't matter religious wise or non-religious or whatever it's that, you know, that there's, there's this best version.

There's that when you're really tapping in, you know, there's a thing that, you know, we, we all. Don't really, especially in business as women, we don't really talk about a lot and that is your intuition. And for so many of us, we've pushed it down, pushed it down, push it down because in some way it's been viewed as a negative.

Right. You know, well, why are you doing that? Well, I just, you know, I feel it or I sense it, or I know it. And then, you know, you get that, like, you're crazy. Like, but yet there's a lot of validity to it. [00:22:00] And the more we can. It's like a muscle, the more that we can build it. I mean, that's incredible because then you can know something and knowing is in the head feeling is in that heart and sensing is in that higher self.

So it's all, it all works together. It's that ever loop? It's that infinity? Understanding. And so I'm a big, I feel like I get on, you know, my mountain top and I'm like, I'm going to help you tap into probably your best business tool. You have your intuition and let's absolutely, you know, we're talk about like growth.

That's growth when you can start to, you know, go from, yeah, I just had this, like I just, I just, you know, I thought of this person and then they called, okay, that's a start. That's a start, but now let's build it out. So it's just like, boom, you just you're [00:23:00] spot on when you, and you can, you can build this up and just like you, you know, build up to a, you know, 5k 10 K marathon, whatever you do the same with intuition.

And that part of it is really part of three HQ. With your head with your heart and with your higher self, it's all it it's, it's something that you can increase at each level, the head, meaning you can start to be aware of these things when they happen, like, huh. Interesting. Cuz remember when you give yourself attention to put it onto your intention, which is, you know, I really wanna increase this.

I want Hillary said, this is like, you know, a powerful tool and I'm not utilizing. How can I start to utilize it, pay attention to it and give it its credit. And here's the thing for those, cuz I often get, you know, Hillary I've, I've tried to use my intuition and it's plain all wrong sometimes. And so now [00:24:00] I'm scared.

I'm scared to go with it. And what I like to say back to that is maybe it was your interpretation. That was actually wrong. And then you start to say, huh? So I, I take it. And I had a company. My, I told you that first consulting company was called white space, Inc. I N K and I often talk about, you know, we fill up our whiteboards with so much stuff and I like to say with your intuition, let's erase everything.

Let's clear the whiteboard, clear the space and start over. Start from the very beginning. Let's just practice today. Like, huh. Did you have anything that came up for you that you had that sense? You had that feeling you had that knowingness and then build that out in each of the three core ages? So for anyone that's, that's really going through that transition, which is probably most of the, most of the people listening of some kind, [00:25:00] some kind of transition.

In order to change that into transformation and, and really make the most of all of the opportunities along the way, the key then from, from if, tell me if I'm I'm understanding this correctly is really to tune into. What's happening to really pay attention, to take stock of it. And then where do you go from there?

So it's interesting cuz the first step in the belief blaster is also the first step in three HQ mm-hmm and that is step number one, which is realize, realize that you're going through something right now. Mm-hmm realize that you're actually in a relaunch. Personal professional, whatever it is, both. And then be willing to understand.

That there's an awareness of what's really happening. Not, and you hear this often, not, you know, to you, but for you, mm-hmm because if we're not paying attention, we often get people that, you know, are, are in the relationship side of the [00:26:00] house. They're trying to go out there and they're trying to, you know, Find someone to be, you know, in their life, the love of their life.

And they keep bringing in the wrong one, the wrong one, or they're trying to build, you know, a business and they can't get past six figures or seven figures or whatever it is. And it's because they have this repeat process. It just keeps happening. Well, that's great. That's awareness awareness that something's going on, that we need to stop.

This recurrence. We need to realize that it's not helping you get to where you wanna be going. And so from there, it's a process of releasing, releasing the ideals that you're not where you wanna be right now. And I understand that you are actually right where you should be, but now you have a choice to relaunch into where you wanna be going.

And that's an amazing, empowering thing when you [00:27:00] realize that you have that choice, right? And that it will involve change. Cuz if you don't, you're gonna be stuck in your comfort zone. And when you're stuck in your comfort zone, you can't get to your G zone. And that G zone is your growth zone. That gratitude zone, your great sound, your growth zone, which is really what we have to do in order to get past the wall of the comfort zone.

It's get uncomfortable. And so once you do that, then the next one is I have this, you know, great concept. I call the relaunch, flip, all those negative things you say in your head, all that self sabotage, all those things that you go right to you go right to the negative, right? To the what can you do? To relaunch flip it.

What would the opposite be? And I'll give you a great example. Can I give you a short story? Just got, I just got back from Africa and we were in it was an amazing trip, Jim. We took the kids, it was three years in the making cuz COVID and all that. And we got into [00:28:00] very bad boat accident and it could have been a head on and at the last second.

The guy turned the boat just by even an inch. And it was a side impact instead of the head on and afterwards, I mean, all I could do was go to that place of what happened, what would've happened. If we're in the middle of like, oh my God, I can't even tell you. We were in the middle of like, it was crazy, crazy middle of like nowhere.

And as I started to do this, What happens if, what happened? If that boat, you know, came up and over and took out every single one of my family members, what happened if I caught myself and I'm like, wait a second. Okay. We're okay. Bruised, you know, little rattled, but we're okay. And then this is the greatest part.

The guide says. My daughter said, well, oh my God, you know, that could have been so bad. We could have all been killed right now. And the [00:29:00] guy said, but we weren't. And we're fine. And why put all these hypothetical scenarios out there and start thinking about all that? When it didn't happen, wasn't our time, this was an accident.

And then the greatest part Christy was, he said, so this afternoon, Are we gonna do a boat ride or are we gonna do a, you know, a truck, a car car thing, and I'm thinking, I'm not sure we're doing anything. And my son immediately said, I'll do either. And my daughters are like, I'm not getting back on the boat, but it was this great relaunch flip that occurred.

It was so powerful and it just reiterated. That we have that tendency to continue to think of the worst. Think of the worst, think of the worst, but what if you didn't, what if you stopped doing that? And you started to think about, well, wait a second, maybe that it, maybe it did [00:30:00] happen. You got divorced, you got, you know, you lost your business.

You, you know, all these things, maybe that did happen, but it's in the past. You're not gonna be able to change that. So what can we do starting now going forward? And that's when the very last step of the belief blaster is retrain your brain. Because at that point you can't through willpower, just assume you're gonna be able to do it.

There's actually a, you have to go through the dissolving of the neuro pathway and that takes. And so again, it's realize awareness. You've got release, you've got the relaunch flip and then you've got retrain your brain. And it, it I've had people say it's like magic. And when you think about magic, you think about, you know, the illusion and the greatest part about the belief blaster is that it's not an illusion.

It actually is something that you will then see in your life. As you start to really get clear on what you really [00:31:00] want to manifest. It's pretty powerful. And that's, such a key, isn't it? That we, you know, we, we think if we do the work and we figure out what our limiting beliefs are, that that's the end of the work, but until you get rid of them, it's not done.

And I really love that, you know, the flipping, the script, flipping the, the launch, the relaunch. Not only getting yourself out of that negative head space where it's, what if ha you know, and I think we all do that. I mean, if I had, if I had a, a nickel for every imagined conversation, , you know, or scenario in my head, I retire next week, but But to, to also look at the opportunities that that opened up, right?

I mean, that accident on the boat, maybe nobody wanted to go on a boat again, and you did something else and it was fantastic. And you might not have done that because you're, you would've still been on the boat or, you know, the divorce and, and, and what, what opportunity did that open up now, you have all sorts of different things in your life that you wouldn't have had before, because you wouldn't have had those specific opportunities.

I think it's such a great change. It's just such a great [00:32:00] opportunity to improve everything in your life. Brilliant way to say it. Couple of things that before we go, well, first of all, I always like to ask this, so I'm gonna ask you this before we get into the book and the programs that you've got coming up.

What is your best piece of advice for newer women founders for newer women entrepreneurs that are just getting started in the first few years of their journey? I would say number one, all you have to think about is one word clarity people don't understand that when you're not clear of what you're really trying to do, then everything will bring you closer to that unclear, unclear type.

Right. I mean, it will just everything. And here's the greatest part. I, I will start talking to somebody and I'll ask, tell me your vision, right? Tell me your vision. Vision mission. Vision is in the future mission is how you're going to operate on a daily basis. And I'll say, you know, what's the vision. And [00:33:00] I take them through something called the why wizard and the why wizard is well, I, this is what I'm trying to do.

Why? Well, Liz da da, da, da. Why? Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why? And eventually you get to your vision. So get clear if you don't, you'll end up spending a ton of money and a lot of your time wasted. And I believe being in the mid zone and the mid, you know, midlife, why waste time? Set up the right foundation from the very beginning.

Learn. The business steps that you absolutely need to, you know, to know. So if you're coming from corporate and you're starting an entrepreneurship, get with people that actually have done this, if you are, you know, trying to, trying to make something happen and you know, you're, you're wanting it to happen in like a year, two years, three years then, then shop, shop.

We gotta make sure that we're not making all the mistakes. Right. . And [00:34:00] really design it with the end in mind too. I, this is something I, I go on and on about quite a bit as well, is we, and I've done it. We tend to think that as long as our business is successful, everything else will be fine. It doesn't matter that it doesn't really suit our lifestyle.

It doesn't really, you know, matter that it's maybe not something we're passionate about. As long as it's successful, then everything else will work itself out. But you're building this business and this life from scratch. So, you know, design it the way you want it to. To be, you know, design it with that end in mind a hundred percent.

And I'll give you a great example of that, that when I put out what I wanted to do, you know, put out there to the universe, what I really wanted to create with the relaunch co I knew I absolutely get fueled by travel and I wanna travel once a quarter. I wanna travel for a couple weeks. I wanna go places and do things and.

I made sure that I was building a business that can sustain that. And you know what, [00:35:00] I'm headed off to Europe next, next quarter. And I've got, you know, Japan in the, in the spring. And that's the thing when you, when you put it out there and I'm so clear about what I wanna do. And I'm so clear about the impact I wanna make.

Helping women relaunch it, it it's by design mm-hmm and I literally design it. And then I always talk in one of my other steps that I, I talk about. It's rebranding mm-hmm it's rebranding. When we talk about rebranding your business, and we talk about, you know, branding, branding, branding, but let's, let's rebrand your life, starting with you, like, is this really representing.

Your brand you of where you are or no. Are you like so scattered and I'm not sleeping and I, you know, I've got so much stuff going on in my head and you know, I'm not making the money that I always thought I would. I'm not in the relationship. I always thought I would. I'm not where, you know, living in the place and it's like, [00:36:00] okay, but now it's time to make that happen.

Now it's time to literally relaunch, rebrand and redesign. It's going to light you up. What's gonna spark you. What's gonna make you feel like, yeah, I'm on absolutely my path, not somebody else's path. And I always am like, Ugh, you know, well, they're doing this, they're doing that. Well, would you really wanna be doing that?

Like, is that what you wanna be doing? Yeah. She's, you know, senior executive, blah, blah, blah. And she's traveling, you know, three outta four weeks. Is that what you. Well, no, but, well great. But, but what, why, why was our let's start making it happen? That's a great way to tackle that comparison monster, that comparison trap that we land.

Do you really want to be doing that thing and living that life? No, that's not. You like some components of it maybe. And if it's yes, great. Let's make it happen, right. Oh, great. All right. But, but prove to me that that's really what you. So I have one, one last quick little story. So I was working with somebody [00:37:00] and they wanted to sell their business and, you know, they were like, oh, and then I'm gonna, you know, get a boat and not a boat, like, you know, a fancy, fancy boat and, and travel around the world and go to all these places I've always wanted to visit.

And I said, oh wow. That's, that's really great. You, you love sailing and you love being on the water. And it was a pause. like Uh, actually, no, I don't like, you know, the sun, it really, you know, I'm fair. And and I'm like, huh, where did this come from? Like, where did this, where did this vision? And it ended up, it was when they were young, it was a, a friend of their parents and sounded all really great.

And so that was the focus and we just kind of went, we broke that one apart and I said, all right, so now. Now that that's gone now that we don't wanna get on the water, what do you really want? Yeah. And I'd like to say, I think it was about eight months later that everything, and I've had people that have worked with me that literally we [00:38:00] have written down sentences that they've wanted to hear from their boss, from their, you know, different people.

I want, this is what I want said to me. And those exact word for word were said, I mean, There there's such power here. I, I wish we had like, you know half day to go into this cuz it's, it's really, it's, it's incredible. And I'm living proof. Yeah. When I graduated from college, I started with nothing and built it up and survived.

Even had melanoma, survived, cancer, survived, all these different things and I'm here to say second marriage. Amazing business, amazing lifestyle. And what am I operating under? I'm operating under three HQ. That's what I live by. Yeah. And so needed right now. So tell us about tell us about the book and tell us about the programs that you've got coming up as well.

So the book, as I said, just [00:39:00] launched and it is, you can go to the relaunch co. and there we have free workshops around three HQ, highly suggest. I think the workshop's like an hour highly suggest everyone you know, check that out. You can go to Amazon, get the book. And there are, like I said, My attitude was, I'm not holding anything back.

Who knows if I'll ever write another book. right. This is my, this is my Swan song or not, but I I'm like, I'm just gonna give it out there. I'm gonna share it with the world so that you don't need me. Although I love to further advance you, but you can get, you know, so much of what I said, just from the book relaunch and it spark your heart to ignite your life.

And here's the thing we all deserve to have that spark again. And so many of us, you just burned out [00:40:00] and that's no way to live a. That's not what life is all about. So it is, it is time everyone's relaunching and it's it's a great community of people that we've created and brought together to support each other.

My God, I've never seen such I've never seen such camaraderie and such support and lack of competition. That's the greatest. I have people, you know, coaches that are, literally doing the same type of coaching. I have people in the same types of businesses and they are, you know, just supporting the other person because , there's gonna be the people that are really attracted to me.

There's good people that are attracted to you. There's attracted to others. There's seven plus billion people in the world. Right. Yeah, there is no competition except the competition that you put out there. So jump on Amazon and check out relaunch and order your copy. And then we will put the link for Hillary's [00:41:00] website.

On our show notes. So if you are, if you're on a platform that has show notes, you'll see it right there. If you're on a platform where you can't see the show notes, we are also gonna have all of that information on our podcast website, which is one step So you can just go to one step and the show and the, the links and all of those good things'll be there.

And I'm guessing you'll probably wanna re-listen to at least parts of this podcast to make some notes because there's. So much gold in this today from Hillary. So I just wanna say thank you, but a timely topic, and I really appreciate you being here. I think you're gonna be this episode is gonna be a huge help to so many listeners.

So thank you, Hillary. Thank you so much.