SHEcorporated One Step Empire

Remove blocks in your business with the "Sales Genie"

October 05, 2022 Kristy Carruthers Season 3 Episode 19
SHEcorporated One Step Empire
Remove blocks in your business with the "Sales Genie"
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Have you ever  found yourself in a place in your business where you have everything set up correctly, the mechanics of it seem to be working properly, and it should be generating sales, but its just not? Its running, but its not producing like it should be, or like you want it to be?

What if the thing you are missing isn’t another marketing tactic or promotion?  

What if the thing you are missing is actually an energy block, that’s stopping everything from flowing as it should?

We know that every living being consists of energy and that energy affects the world around us.  But have you thought about how blocks in your energy may be causing problems in your business?  

If you think energy work is a little woo woo, stick with me here, because Vanessa from Prosperamama is going to blow your mind when she explains how it all works together and the science behind it.

If you have a hard time saying your price out loud to a client, or pressing that button to go LIVE to your audience, or even reaching out to a client, those are very real problems. And if removing those energy blocks creates the confidence to proudly list your price or step in front or the camera then that has very real impact on your business. 

It just makes sense once Vanessa lays it out for you – you don’t want to miss this one!

Are you ready to take control of your energy and your future?


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Kristy: Vanessa is an energy healer, advanced meditator and founder of Prospera mama, a company that teaches entrepreneurs how to become more visible, increased confidence, and generate more sales by incorporating energetics. Her mission is to teach women's CEOs how to create their new reality by rewiring the brain.

Thanks for being with us today, Vanessa. 

Vanessa: I'm so happy to be here. So excited. I'm really 

Kristy: excited about this conversation. Now you had kind of a, a winding road to get to where you are. Can you tell us a bit more about how you found your way to energy and business? And I heard you're called the sales genie.

Is that part of the story? ? , 

Vanessa: yes, it's part of the story. So at a very [00:02:00] young age, I, , Actually ran a staffing agency. And at a young age, I made my first million dollars in that industry. And it was, it's still primarily, you know, man, , industry it's, I guess a hundred percent of my clients actually were males.

And. I kind of got the courage there. I couldn't, I really wanted to grow. And I had to, you know, I had to become confident in the whole nine yards. And shortly after I thought I had made it in life at a young age and I thought, you know, I'm on the top of my game. I feel so amazing. And I lost it all. We lost it all as a family and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me, even though at that moment, it was tragic.

While I was going through that process of not really knowing what to do. We were in another country. We had moved our whole family to another country. , I found I was taking a Kini yoga teacher class and I, , found someone, referred me [00:03:00] to a PR heal. And when I went to him, I literally felt like if I was at home, I said, oh my God, an energy doctor.

So I kind of connected all my life. I feel since a young age, , I was very connected and my mom constantly said like, you know, don't say that or don't speak about that. And throughout my life, I would buy, , books on metaphysics and anything. I could get my hands on. So, after I went to the energy doctor, I was like, oh, I'm home.

But the only thing missing there was that I liked bougie things and I never had any shame in saying that. And I was like, okay, so spiritual healing and this path is beautiful, but for me, I need a little bit something else besides spiritual healing. Like I started doing work with women energy work and. I was very good at it.

People were [00:04:00] getting physical results, but kind of in a coincidence manner, they started to get results in their business. And I saw every single time that someone would come to me, there were similar blocks. And if those blocks were removed or unblocked, they would. Sales. And that's how the sales genie became kind of a joke, but my, , clients would be like every time after a session, , I would make sales and it's really not about me having something magical, even though that would sound so amazing.

 It's really not. It's about really identifying the blocks and removing them. And by universal law, you will get results. So that's kind of how my. My journey started with, energy work and women entrepreneurs. 

Kristy: Interesting. And isn't it funny that it's you just drawn to it over and over again, even though mom's saying, you know, no, that's not, that's not what we do.

That's not what you do. It's just, doesn't [00:05:00] go away. That's when you know, it's something you're really passionate about. 

Vanessa: Yes, absolutely. I always knew. 

So yes, it was. It's so cool to see that your mission is always within you. 

Kristy: Yeah, and that you're following it. So, so let's talk about energy and business. So how does energy affect our business? Let's start there. 

Vanessa: Perfect. Okay. So the coolest thing is this. We, every living thing is bound by a field of energy and.

Every person, an animal have energy centers or chakras, and they go, we beyond, , what we see traditionally, there are not only seven of them. We have more and it's not a religious thing. It's part of our. Physiology as humans and they are energy centers or vortex of energy that affect or influence our mental, emotional, and physical health.

So when [00:06:00] any of these energy centers that actually have brains of their own and their own little circuits within them in our body, when they are out of balance, our body is out of balance. Our life is out of balance as, , Entrepreneurs CEO women running businesses. What we focus on during the day is probably 80% of our time is in our business.

How can I make it better? How can I grow it? How can I get more sales, more customers, my customer journey. So what

we focus on expands, it's just by nature, by law. When we, , there's three main energy centers that influence the life of a CEO of an entrepreneur. And it's your route, which is the closest to the ground. And it's the one that holds the structure and systems in your business, your customer journey. And it also in your personal life holds how belonging and safe you feel.

Your solar, [00:07:00] which is the, the, your center for will and confidence. And in your business, this is so important for women entrepreneurs, confidence is directly related to how much money a woman is gonna hold. And this center holds your marketing, your visibility and your boundaries. So it's super important.

And then your heart center, which is the GPS in your business. So you're short and long term goals. and if you identify what is blocking there, what is, it's always gonna go back to a personal block that you have. I'm afraid of live video. I'm afraid of being visible. I can receive money, but I can never keep it.

I really don't have a clear map or clear goals on my business. , my structure and systems, you know, sometimes at the beginning of our business, we don't even. Realize, okay. This is how much money I would have to make a month in order for this to be even sustainable. We [00:08:00] kind of bypass that idea and that shows up in energy blocks that the, the reason how you connect this to the real world, let's say is that.

Those energy blocks make what is called an electromagnetic field. Every human thing has this. Every living organism has an electromagnetic field, and that is the signature that you're putting out. So basically before you introduce yourself and you say, nice to meet you. My name is Vanessa. You are already as a human.

Emitting energy. And that's truly how we communicate. That's how, you know, when you go somewhere and you're like, oh, I feel so energized and so good. Or, oh, I can't be around this person or this place because I feel so drained. It's it's energy that we communicate. So that is, , in a simple way, how energy influences our.

Kristy: Wow. Interesting. So I guess you've answered part of this already, but maybe if we can [00:09:00] just circle back to this a little bit, how can we tell if we have an energy blockage? 

Vanessa: So one of the best things that I want, everyone that listens to this to know is that my intention is that they leave empowered and that they understand that it is not woo to understand and embody that you are it.

It is by divine, right? That you should have your heart's desires. , that is part, or it's my belief. That that is part of the reason why we came here. So when we are blocked, for example, someone that has trouble, or especially at the beginning of your business, when someone has, , they feel embarrassed or they get something, a feeling in the pit of their stomach, when they're gonna say their prices, right.

When they're going to charge someone, or when they're gonna say my price is. That's a block of energy. When someone says I am so afraid of pressing that live video, even though live video is still one of the best [00:10:00] return on investments. It's in reality, if you peel the onion Le layers, the reason why the person is afraid.

is because they are concerned and giving their energy to the external world to what are they gonna think? , what are they gonna say about me? And when we have blockages, like, I can't make any sales. I'm not, you know, when things are not going right, there's a block in business, basically when things are not going, like your marketing is not converting.

, There's mechanics in business that you have to do a lead magnet, a a live video, a podcast, all those things are mechanics. And then there's energy. That is for things to literally like go in a smooth way in a, in a flowy way. Not perfect, but flowing every day you see validation. Okay. This is working.

This is working. 

Kristy: So if you've got all the pieces in place, but they're not really working the way they should. That's a, that's a big sign. Okay. [00:11:00] So, so how do we turn that around? How do we make sales, for example, more consistently using the spiritual aspect of the business chakras. 

Vanessa: So the first thing that I always tell my clients always is, remember that what makes the electromagnetic field is your thought and your emotion, and this is not positive, , toxic positivity.

This has all the science behind it. So. Your thoughts and your emotions create your electromagnetic field. And you can only be a magnet to that. It's just the law. So a lot of people don't realize that we have up to 90,000 thoughts in a day, and they're very similar to the day prior. So if the first thing that we do, the first thing that I tell my clients is a strong routine is where your money is.

If the first thing that we do in the morning is wake up and reach for our phone and start the endless scrolling and the comparison. And remember [00:12:00] all of our problems of yesterday. Then we have kind of lost the date to be honest. And if we wanna play by the quantum, which means. Good results in shorter amount of time.

Then there's certain rules like your routine. When your routine is off, then that's gonna show up in your business. And a simple routine can be this for you to achieve what you want to achieve. You need to be very clear on that. And sometimes I have clients that come and I ask them, what are your goals, your short term goals, your long term goals.

What is like your heart's desire? And sometimes they just stare. Bla with, with a blank face. Not, not because they're at fault, it's in reality because they can't believe they achieve it subconsciously. So they're afraid to even say it. So the first thing that I would say is. If you wanna play by the quantum, which gives amazing results, you need to allow yourself to dream and you have to get clear on what it is that you want because after you get [00:13:00] clear in order for you to embody it or see it in this 3d reality is you have to feel it.

It's not only thinking it. You have to feel it. And. It's easier said than done, because we have been programmed to not feel based on limiting beliefs and an upbringing, the whole nine yards. So teaching your body every day, even if it's for a small amount of time to really feel how that future self or that result that you want in business is an accelerator to your business.

Kristy: Interesting. And a good time to do that is in the, in the morning then. So you set yourself up for success. 

Vanessa: Yes in the morning. It's a very good time because before you give your energy out and you connect with the problems, the lack of whatever it is, you command your date. And so many people bypass the step.

They just wake up and they're like, okay, let's go. Let's do this. And in reality, that's not [00:14:00] how it is. Let's go, let's do, this is attached to the hustle culture or the struggle. I have to work 16 hours. I have to get up earlier. I have to do this. And the rewiring starts when we realize. No what's most important is my energy is the most important thing, more than hustling the 16 hours and waking up two hours earlier and sitting on your computer just to feel stuck.

So it's really, it's really that. The 

Kristy: the morning, the morning phone is something that I've struggled with and, and we're on the west coast. So we're three hours behind a lot of, a lot of people that I'm, that I'm doing business with. And I had gotten into the routine of getting up at six o'clock in the morning, cuz that's when I was getting up anyway.

Well, five o'clock in the morning, but. And then turning on my phone because I thought, well, quickly I'll check the emails because there'll be some there because people are working on the east coast and I can have a quick reply. And then by the time I'm ready and I'm at my desk, we've already kind of leapfrogged into our day, which sounds [00:15:00] like a great plan.

And it worked really well for that, but it completely destroyed my mornings because whatever the problem was, whatever the. The the emergency was. And then of course, while I was on my phone, checking my emails, I went down the path of, oh, what's that on Instagram and I've stopped doing it. And it makes such a world of difference.

Just that one simple 

Vanessa: thing. It absolutely does. And you know, at the beginning, it, it, you feel like, well, if I, if I'm not attending to the emails, maybe I'm gonna lose business or my client, or, you know, it's normal. Those are normal things. But once you understand that you can't solve a problem from the same level that the problem was created, then you understand that advantage you have of having a strong routine, because if you come in without a strong routine without really programming.

You know, your energy what's gonna happen is that that one email is like going down a rabbit hole. If, if that one email was a negative one or one that you weren't expecting, that's it. But if you come from a place of empowerment and [00:16:00] of reassurance that, you know, you, you feel good inside, and this is your day and you command it and your, you know, your, your routine is on point.

Then when you get that email, First of all, you're not gonna go into flight or fly, which is, , high cortisol and adrenaline. You actually have more awareness on how to solve the problem. So we think getting to the email first is gonna solve the problem. When in actuality, Getting to your routine first is gonna give you the tools to solve the problem.


Kristy: yes. So something that's really difficult. I think for a lot of women entrepreneurs, , we struggle with so much more than men do is, is confidence. And, and visibility, you know, making ourselves visible, even we tend to try and be invisible in our businesses when we start out. So how does this play into that?

Vanessa: My favorite subject because my favorite subject is confidence and visibility because [00:17:00] when a woman owns it, , we distribute our income. Within our community, our family and our place of congregation, what, whatever it is. No non-denomination. So when that happens, when we are confident and we own our power, we really become visible.

We are so attached to the impact that we are making. And that is why it's so important. To actually be clear on the impact that we want to make. So confidence is not arrogance. Confidence is knowing and coming in with the demeanor that I am here for a bigger purpose. And if I serve one person today, then my.

My seed or my impact is starting to roll and I don't want that role to ever stop. It's just how it works when we are not confident. , first of all, people buy based on confidence. So people buy your confidence. We buy. Based on [00:18:00] emotions and we try to justify it logically that's the, the psychology of sales.

So when someone is confident, they have clarity in their vision. And I always say this to my clients. We're always being sold to all day, whether it's concepts, something physical, whatever it is. So the first person that needs to get clear on the transformation that they offer. The other person is you as an entrepreneur.

The funny thing happens is that sometimes when we lack clarity, in reality, we lack self belief because we believe that the transformation that we want to offer, we can't offer it. That's why a lot of healers struggle in this area of business. So a confident woman is one that is not attached to the outcome.

You have no emotional attachment to, I have to get the sale and I have to get the client and I have to close it. No, it's more of, I am secure in [00:19:00] what I am offering. I know that I can help you. And I have my impact and my vision is so attached to what I'm doing. That any anybody else's opinion is irrelevant because at the end of the day, everyone's opinion is based on their own limiting beliefs.

That's why people say, oh, , You judge by, you know, you judge by how you judge yourself. And that's true how you judge others is based on your own limiting beliefs. That's that's like step number one, step. Number two is to know that if energetically, when you're confident people pick up on that and they want to buy what you have, they want to buy what you offer.

So that is where confidence comes in with regards to how much money you're really gonna hold. Someone that is confident can charge accordingly, can expand on that, , and has no attachment to the outcome. But when we are. Begging for a sale [00:20:00] and following up endlessly and kind of chasing down the person.

It reflects that we're not confident in the service that we offer. So that's the part of confidence. And then visibility is a stand that every woman should take, because I believe that within every woman, there's a successful entrepreneur. That is my true belief. So when you are visible, you're doing people a favor.

You are sharing your greatness with the world. You are helping someone get out of a funk or, , bring. More income into their family, through your programs or your coaching or getting someone's voice out there. So visibility and confidence is the, both of those things are located in your solar plexes, and that is your center of will and power to the world.

So that is kind of what we need to own more than hiding behind something or keeping our voice [00:21:00] low because. It's better. And I, and just a small disclaimer, I don't wanna bypass the fact that when we are young, we are entrained, right? Because our brainwaves are really low, which means they have complete access to our subconscious mind.

So if you were in a house that, , there was maybe conflict or turmoil, Children learn to be quiet, to avoid the conflict or the turmoil. And then that goes with you into adulthood. I want you to know that that does not have to be the case. Once you become aware you have the right to say, that was what I learned when I was young.

But now that I have a different awareness, I am going to act differently. That is why rewiring the brain is actually a. Mm, 

Kristy: wow. A lot of, a lot of amazing points there. One that I wanna [00:22:00] circle back to is, , which is I think a great way to look at it. Other people's opinions are based on their limiting beliefs.

And I think if. If every time we're concerned about someone else's opinion. If we just take a second and we reframe it that way, because honestly we have aren't enough of our own limiting beliefs. without taking on board, everybody else's you para and that's why we get paralyzed. We can't do something. We can't get in front of the camera.

We can't hit the live button because we're paralyzed by our limiting beliefs and then taking on, you know, Hundreds or thousands of others. So that's a that's I think that's just such a great way to frame it. Every time we have that moment of what are they gonna think? Just hang on a second. Don't take that on board.

I love that. What a piece of gold that is so. So many, so many great tips here, , before we get onto, I wanna know what your best piece of advice is for one entrepreneur, but before we go there, any other thoughts on what we should be looking for in [00:23:00] our own lives and our own businesses to determine, you know, what changes need to be made?

Vanessa: Yes. So a lot of people, , toy with the idea, or it became cliche to say vibrations and high frequency. And I. Have this science brain that I needed to bring science into this because otherwise I wouldn't believe it. It sounded too good to be true that I could really be the co-creator of my life. And I want you to know that you do what makes you feel good?

Not be not only because it makes you feel good. But because in reality, that is your intuition that is telling you, this is the way to go and to bring science into that. When you feel an elevated emotion, joy, freedom, gratitude, excitement, momentum, , success, whatever that is. I want you to know that your body has literally.

An operating system that [00:24:00] determines high emotions and low emotions. And it's your guide, your GPS. So it doesn't matter if your business at the beginning doesn't make sense to anyone. I have been doing this for almost nine years and I basically sell the concept of energy and energy is non-tangible. And at the beginning, people were like, you are crazy.

And now they say, I can't believe it. But I had to see it before anyone else did, because it didn't really matter if they could believe it or not. So I want you to know that. I have a background in, in something completely different. And if I would've stayed there, I would've stayed miserable. And, but this is what gave me life when I would do alive.

When I would read someone's energy centers, when I would talk about this, it gave me life. And that is what is going. That's like what you should look for, especially at the beginning stages of your business, when maybe. You know, things physically aren't showing up as fast as you want them. Remember, [00:25:00] that's part of a gift that you have that nudge that it feels good.

And this is what I wanna do. And that doesn't mean it doesn't feel scary, but it feels internally good. Please follow that. Don't allow anyone to interfere cuz it's no, one's. Business pun intended. It's it's really no one's business. it's your 

Kristy: business. Yes. You know, and if you follow your passion and your purpose like that, it's gonna get hard.

You know, it's, it's gonna get hard no matter what you do, but I just so firmly believe that if you're, if you're doing what you're meant to do and you're passionate about it, you'll you make it through all that, you know, you, you you're successful faster. You, you stick with it when it gets hard. And you're gonna do amazing things.

Yes. I love that. All right. So let's, let's talk about your that's. That's a pretty good piece of advice for, for women entrepreneurs just starting out, but let's get one more from you for, for a lot of the women that are [00:26:00] listening to the podcast are just starting out on their, on their journey as an entrepreneur.

So from what you've learned or from what you know, you've heard from mentors, anything along the lines, there, what's your best piece of advice for newer women entrepreneurs. 

Vanessa: So my best piece of advice is treat your business like a business from the beginning, from the get, go know your numbers, right?

That's the mechanics. So know your numbers and get clear, very clear on the goals that you wanna reach. And I always say like, stretch yourself a little bit, right? Because a lot of people come and they say that this is one of the most common things. I have a money block. Right. People kind of. Right away, , recognize money and then block and they kind of put it together.

And then the majority come and say, I have a money block. It's really not a money block, but the, the, what I want you guys to know is this treat your business as a business. Remember if you wanna play in the quantum, which is gonna give you amazing, incredible results, then part of [00:27:00] the quantum is that you have to embody that person that you wanna be from the beginning.

So you're not going to act like someone that doesn't have clients or that's not getting sales. Your job is to stay in the vibration and to is to stay in that lane. I am already that successful entrepreneur. That's the energy part. The mechanics know your numbers. No one, no one other than yourself needs to hold that vision clear in your mind.

No one's job. That's no one's job. It's only your job. And the third one, there is no limits to what can be achieve. There's no limits. Like we are limitless literally. So. Okay. Okay. And the fourth, the fourth thing, sorry, sorry. Don't be mindful of where your energy is going. If you are participating in constant negative conversations, constant gossip, constant.

It's so hard. It doesn't work. Nothing is working for me. That's what you're programming [00:28:00] yourselves, ourselves are programmed by our words. So when you decide, truly decide that you're gonna put your hat of entrepreneurship and you're gonna become that woman CEO, you act like it, you act accordingly. You can't just like flip flop.

Oh, today I'm with friends that are not entrepreneurs. And they say that entrepreneurs so difficult. And I'm like, yes, it's the worst. It's horrible. No, even if, even if you're having a hard time know that that's normal, it's part of the process you're learning. , but what's important is keeping that vision and standing that ground really.

Kristy: Yeah. It's funny. When people, when you talk about being the person that you plan to be, you see yourself as that and behaving that way. The first response is always well, but I can't afford to do that right now. this is not about money. This is not about, you know, go buy the wardrobe that you in 10 years is gonna buy.

This is about building the habits and having the mindset [00:29:00] and, and, and really being that person you wanna be. I love that. 

anybody that's listening today. If, , you are interested in finding out and I'm sure you are, cuz I certainly am. If your energy is blocked, Vanessa, you've got an amazing quiz for that, right.

To help us figure that 

Vanessa: out. Yes. I have a short quiz, , that is going to identify what energy center is blocked. And that will give you kind of, it will give you the results in a short video, and then you'll be able to kind of put the pieces together and say, okay, now I understand. 

Kristy: Okay, great. And that's at give us the website.

I'm gonna put in the show notes, but just in case somebody's listening. 

Vanessa: Sure. It's at, , WW dot Prospera, 

Kristy: Okay, perfect. And we're gonna put that in the show notes. You can pop over to the podcast website as well, which is one step

And then you also have a workshop that you run fairly regularly as well. Do you wanna tell us a little bit about that? 

Vanessa: Yes. So I have a workshop called,[00:30:00] , business chakras, and it basically explains how to incorporate this into your business in order to see growth with ease. , so we U we run that about once a month.

I still do it live, , because I love the interaction. I really love the, sharing energy basically. So we have that as. 

Kristy: Okay. Great. And we'll link that in the, in the show notes as well. So again, if you can't see them one step and we'll have all the links for Vanessa and all the good stuff there for you.

Well, I just wanna say thank you, Vanessa. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today. It was really interesting conversation and I think really enlightening as well. Thanks for being here. 

Vanessa: Thank you for having me. I'm very grateful and very excited. Thank you.