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Create a joyous and profitable business, that you LOVE! (More success as your true self) Ep 9 Season 2

March 02, 2022 Kristy Carruthers Season 2 Episode 9
Create a joyous and profitable business, that you LOVE! (More success as your true self) Ep 9 Season 2
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SHEcorporated One Step Empire
Create a joyous and profitable business, that you LOVE! (More success as your true self) Ep 9 Season 2
Mar 02, 2022 Season 2 Episode 9
Kristy Carruthers

How can you make your brand irresistible to your perfect buyers, in a sea of competitors?  

 What if your ideal customers could find you easily, and immediately know YOU are the best solution for them? 

Do you want to create a business where you are authentic, and create more success than ever before, just by being yourself?  Where you just show up as your most authentic self every day, and pull in people that want to buy from you, like a magnet? 

You can do all of those things, and today we are going to tell you how.

It’s time to let go of all those ideals in your head of what you “should be” to succeed in your field and instead, embrace who YOU are.

International speaker and award winning coach, Jennifer Trask is with us today to walk us through how to bring our personality to our business and create a joyous, profitable business that we love!

We are going to talk about:

·      Why “fitting in”  is NOT the goal.

·      How your personality attracts the clients that you are best suited to work with.

·      The questions to ask yourself to find your brand personality.

·      How to find the confidence to step out.

·      A simple mind shift to make it easier to sell

·      Why creating success authentically is a gift to others.


It is aha moment after aha moment on this one so get your notepad ready and lets dig in!

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Show Notes Transcript

How can you make your brand irresistible to your perfect buyers, in a sea of competitors?  

 What if your ideal customers could find you easily, and immediately know YOU are the best solution for them? 

Do you want to create a business where you are authentic, and create more success than ever before, just by being yourself?  Where you just show up as your most authentic self every day, and pull in people that want to buy from you, like a magnet? 

You can do all of those things, and today we are going to tell you how.

It’s time to let go of all those ideals in your head of what you “should be” to succeed in your field and instead, embrace who YOU are.

International speaker and award winning coach, Jennifer Trask is with us today to walk us through how to bring our personality to our business and create a joyous, profitable business that we love!

We are going to talk about:

·      Why “fitting in”  is NOT the goal.

·      How your personality attracts the clients that you are best suited to work with.

·      The questions to ask yourself to find your brand personality.

·      How to find the confidence to step out.

·      A simple mind shift to make it easier to sell

·      Why creating success authentically is a gift to others.


It is aha moment after aha moment on this one so get your notepad ready and lets dig in!

Links from this episode:

6 Figure Mindset Shift FREE download: 

Jennifer's Website:

FREE Bootstrapper's Guide to BIG Marketing on a Small Budget:

Visit SHEcorporated Main Site:

Ready to SMASH Your Goals?   We're here to help!

Make this the year that changes EVERYTHING.  

Now offering limited spots in our full day “Done with You” Success Blueprint Days  for personalized marketing and strategy to propel you to your biggest year ever!


Kristy: How can you make your brand irresistible to your perfect buyers in a sea of competitors? What if your ideal customers could find you easily and immediately know you are the best solution for them. Would you want to create a business where you're authentic and you create more success than ever before, just by being yourself where you show up as your most authentic self, every single day. 

And pull in people that want to buy from you like a magnet. You can do all of these things. And today we're going to tell you how it's time to let go of all of those ideas in your head of who you should be to succeed in your field. And instead embrace who you are. International speaker and award-winning coach Jennifer Trask is with us today to walk us through how bringing our personality to our business will create a joyous, profitable business that we love. We are going to talk about why fitting in is not the goal. 

How your personality attracts the clients that you are best suited to work [00:01:00] with the questions that you should ask yourself to find your brand personality and how to find the confidence to actually step out. We've also got a simple mind shift that will make it easier to sell. And we're going to talk about why creating success authentically is an enormous gift to others. 

It is aha moment after aha. Moment on this one. So get your notepad ready. And. Let's dig in well, we are so fortunate to have Jennifer Trask with us today. Hi Jennifer. Hi Christie. It's nice to be here. Jennifer is an international speaker and award-winning coach for coaches and her mission is to help driven visionary entrepreneurs. Build joyous, profitable businesses that they love.

And whether you're a coach or you're a woman entrepreneur in any line of business, Jennifer is going to help us out today with bringing our personality to our brands so that we can stand out in a sea of competitors. And, you know, Jennifer, I gave a tiny bit of info there on who you are, but I would love it.

If you [00:02:00] could give us a bit more insight into how you became a coaches, coach and more what you're doing now. 

jennifer: Yeah, absolutely. Well, I'll 

give you the Coles notes version. So I actually started, my first business in network marketing and I learned so much about online marketing that I started consulting and my consulting business started to take off in social media marketing And I also have two business degrees, so I kind of combine that it turned into marketing consulting.

And then, the coaching piece came along because what I noticed was, as I was working with people who were, you know, they were paying me to advise them on what to do. they weren't always taking action on it. So I was like, Hmm, what's going on here anyways? And that is the evolution of how the coaching piece came to be.

And then long time ago, like back in, uh, 2011 or so, I really noticed. That I had this life coaching client and I lay, I loved her. I loved her. I loved working with her. Like I just spent so much time with her [00:03:00] and I loved what she was doing. And I thought about that, uh, with all the different clients that I was working with from different industries.

And what I realized was, being a coach for coaches, married the two things I love the most, which is like, and when I go into a bookstore, I go first to self. And then I go to business and then I go to travel, but that's another story, so I realized I could marry. Those are two of my favorite topics by helping coaches build their businesses.

And, um, this was kind of before it became really popular over the last few years. So that was back in 2012 and then what's really great. And we're going to talk about this today is when I really kind of found myself into that way. My business really started to take off in new ways and leaps and bounds and allowed me to get to where I am today, which is, nine years later.

That's the Coles note version, 

Kristy: you know, we all have a winding path, so don't, we, nobody ever really seems to start out where end up where they expected when they started out. No, 

jennifer: no, not at all. 

Kristy: It's learning. And [00:04:00] you have, actually, what we're going to talk about today is, niching down and, putting your personality into your business.

And that's something that you did in your own business along the way in. And learn from that journey. 

jennifer: one of the things that I have discovered, and this is true in the coaching industry, as it is in any industry, you know, how do you really. Stand out, uh, against your sea of competitors, especially when your product or service is really on par.

and what I realized was it really is, what your brand is, what it stands for, what it doesn't stand for, how it makes people feel, especially in my world in coaching, because of course you're, you're in investing a lot of money. You have to trust that person. You have to like that person, et cetera. so on my journey to really helping figure out, like how do I help my clients stand out?

What I noticed was, the best coaches and this is also true for all industries, but they. They really stand firm in their [00:05:00] beliefs and they let, who, they really are come out in their marketing. They don't hide behind what they think that they should be or what they think people are expecting of them or what, like, I have a real coming out tomorrow on Instagram and.

In it, I T I'm showing the, uh, a screenshot of my first professional website and I'm in a business suit and it's blue. And, I was talking about it. I'm like, I'm looking at that woman who's in that picture. And it was probably back when I was in my late twenties. I remember being her and she was.

Being who she thought she needed to be, to grow her business and to attract clients. And when I think about who I am today and the type of clients that I get, it's, it's just so completely different because today I have figured out, like, who am I? And what do I, and I'm like, I do like emojis. I'm putting them in my emails.

Like this is that mean? I don't care if they're. Some people think they're unprofessional. If they think they're [00:06:00] unprofessional, they're not my client. That's totally, they can go find someone else who doesn't like emojis. 

Kristy: Right. And, and there's, I mean, well, there's a lot to unpack in what you just said there, but I think one of the key things is that as soon as you start becoming yourself, you're going to attract clients who enjoy working.

jennifer: so that is the other thing. And a hundred percent, you know, I was just on a sales call with a male and he actually asked me, you know, you don't have a lot of males on your success stories page, like it's full of females. He said, why do you think that is? And I said, well, The biggest reason I believe is because I really work from the feminine energy of flow versus the masculine energy of hustle, hustle, hustle.

And so a lot of men are in their masculine energy trying to build their business through hustle. And so they wouldn't be attracted to hire someone like me. Who's going to help them more with a completely different approach. And I said, I love math. I love what you're doing then. I mean, it just has to align, right.

It has to be the right match, in coaching. [00:07:00] You know, that is an example of how I do tend to attract more women and, and, you know, like, I, I love working for me, it's more about the human, but I do love working with women. Like, am I like to see more successful women in the world and more women with money and power and influence and using it for good in the world.

Like, I think that's a good thing. So. 

Kristy: I think there's certain commonalities as far as, struggles that women tend to have. it's a broad brush, but I there's certainly, certainly issues that women have more often than men situational and, So it makes sense. you are going to take us through this. So how do we start, putting more of our own personality into our business and standing out. 

jennifer: I think the biggest thing you have, I came up with some questions you can ask yourself. So, if you're listening in, well, if you're driving, don't do this, if you're driving or something, you know, come back to this portion later.

But I did come up with some questions because I think that these types of questions will give you the head space to start thinking about what makes you unique. So one is just [00:08:00] really simple start with like, why did you start your company? And what is the difference you want to make with your product or service?

And the reason why I say that is because, you need to tell that story, you need to tell people why. You were inspired to start your business and what makes a difference. And, when I tell people, like, if I say, oh yeah, I'm a business coach for coaches. Versus if I said, I really want more entrepreneurs to be happy and joyful and true expressions of themselves.

because I know that when entrepreneurs become successful, the world gets better. People respond to that so differently than just like, oh, I'm a business coach. Do you know what I mean? So right there and just knowing what is my why and why am I doing it? I can immediately differentiate myself.

And that is the angle that I'm coming from. And also. Lends itself to me moving into. That's why I focus so much on joy and emotions and really not working too much and figuring out how to get more done in less time and et cetera, et cetera.[00:09:00] the next question you can ask yourself is what do you stand for and what do you stand against in relation to what you sell?

So if I use myself as an example here, you know, I really stand for. Having a life or growing your business, enjoying yourself. Getting more into flow. I stand against like, I don't think you should work all the time. I don't think you should hustle. Like, I think there are periods of time where you're more busy.

Like if you're in a launch or, you know, like that's natural, but if you are on go, go, go all the time, which most entrepreneurs are. And what are kind of the world of entrepreneurship teaches you. I just think that's dangerous. Like this danger, danger zone for your relationships, for your health. For everything.

So that is an example of what I would stand up for versus stand against. And so, that would help call the right people to meet people who want to figure out how to be successful in the way that I approach it. The next question is, when it all boils down to it, what is the most important message you have to share?[00:10:00] 

Because whether you're selling a product or a service, there is a message behind it. And you've got to figure out what that is and not be afraid of. Shout it from the rooftops, you know? and I think that when you can find what that thing is, then put it in your marketing, it really helps differentiate you.

And then just think about things like, what are some of the things that are unique to you that you love? Like, you know, do you love coffee or the outdoors, or do you love superheroes or spending time with your family? Or, you know, like put that stuff on social media. Like, whatever things you love. If you love TV, put it out there because what's going to happen is people who love what you love and it creates connection.

And as soon as you create connection, now you have a distinct. 

Kristy: It makes me think of, is it Jenna Kutcher and her, love of craft dinner? 

jennifer: that would be in a good 

Kristy: example. And I think she ever said she put it out. It just a random thing. She put out there and, you know, people sent her [00:11:00] photos of things that they've seen with macaroni and cheese and cracked dinner.

And it's this huge thing you can correct me if I'm wrong. Anybody who's listening. it builds that connection. Absolutely. It's it's like, you're like me and you're exactly. And, the whole niching down, you can speak better to your audience.

If, if you're making your target audience specific, you can speak in their language, you can speak directly to their issues. You can, communicate so much better with them and just cut all of the extra noise. I love. 

jennifer: I really like it too. And, and, you know, here's the deal like this, this is hard when you're trying to be someone or you're not, you know, so Boston it's exhausting and that is one of the things that leads to hustle.

So it's like, if you just. If you have this client who she wants, she's going to start making more videos and she's done a couple and I'm like, you're so good on video. Like you re and plus like videos the fastest way. If you're in a service-based business, the fastest way for people to get, to really feel out your energy, cause they can see you in your movements and hear you and all that anyways.

And I said to her, [00:12:00] she's in the phase where her business is part-time and she has a full-time job. And I said, so here's the good thing is I don't want you to be spending hours editing. You have 10 hours a week to work on your business. It's a waste of your time. I want you to do the videos that are.

Fresh. Like you can cut the top and the bottom off to like, so they're not seeing you press the button start, but the rest of it, you need to just go and you need to teach and you talk about what, you know, and just be yourself. Can I do that? I'm like, yes, And then if you make a mistake, laugh about it and keep going. Like. 

Kristy: It's so freeing, 

jennifer: so freeing and you know what, I, I always use analogies in my work. That business is just like dating. And to me it's the same as meeting someone who you just feel like you can be yourself with, like, you don't have to get dressed up.

You don't have to like be proper and I dunno, whatever, do you know what I mean? Like you just get to be yourself and that's when, you know, you found a really good match. And of course they have to feel the same way. It's the same thing for clients finding their favorite business.[00:13:00] 

Kristy: And if, you're yourself, if you're sending an authentic message in your marketing and in your social media and in your videos, I mean, especially if you're a coach, but in any business, if we're not that person, if you're not that product, when they finally get across the finish line, it's like, it feels like a bait and switch.

It's like, well, this isn't. This is not that person or that product that I sign up for. 

jennifer: Yeah. And anyone in, um, in particularly in a, well, no, this would go for product based business too, but one of the things I've learned in service-based businesses, the best thing to do when, if you're selling information, products is like your, what you sell, like the, what, what is behind the paid wall of your content?

Should very much mirror what's in your marketing for that very reason, because then people are coming to you. They're not going to be surprised. They're going to be like, yes, this is exactly what I expected now. Obviously you always want to go above and beyond and wow people. But what I mean in terms of.

Yeah. Oh, I thought you talked about this. What is this doing in here? Like you never want that kind of experience where a client. 

Kristy: [00:14:00] absolutely. But as far as being authentic and really standing for you for what you stand for and putting out there, what you were against. That can be scary, right? Because in almost every industry, there's kind of a norm that everybody's going for and you're right.

You don't want to be the norm. Cause then you're up against hundreds of other people instead of being the only one in your field, but it's still scary 

jennifer: to step out of that. So how do we, 

Kristy: what are your suggestions on how we kind of get the confidence to do. Well, 

jennifer: there's a couple of things you can do. So the first thing is you have to shift your focus.

So if you are lacking confidence in putting yourself out there, it is because you are focused on yourself and what people will think of you. So you need to like, if you're like put your hand in front of your face and then think if your hand was a mirror, it's looking at you. Turn it around and put it on the people who you want to help you have the focus on the mission that you are here to achieve and let [00:15:00] that drive you and be stronger than the fear of, what people will think.

our businesses while they are reflections of us, they are not about us. businesses are here because they solve problems. If you do not solve problems for other people, you will not get paid and you will be out of business pretty fast. So you really. You always, you will always know, like it's natural to feel some fear, like honestly.

Okay. I got to tell you, like, I started doing reels on Instagram and like foolish things like, boom. I'm like, I can't believe I'm doing these things. Like they're simple, but I'm like, I'm just going to do it because, because, well, it is kind of fun. I got to say, but it's uncomfortable, but it's the kind of uncomfortable that I know.

It's the, the good, uncomfortable that is for a greater purpose. And if it's going to help reach more people to see something in a different way or whatever, then that's what I'll do it for. Whereas like the thing that I love the most is this, like, I'm a talker. I'd like, just to [00:16:00] like point at the camera and go or talk like we're talking right here.

so reels is not really my ideal space, but it is what is working and it's part of the medium. And so I had to find a way to like, get out of my own way and just do it. it was really focusing on. Getting out of my way, focusing on the client and like, I literally press the button. Like I uploaded it.

And I was like, okay, I can't look at it anymore. Like I just had. and then, you know, people leave because this is so fun. I love this. So, you know, which is good. Cause it was for them, not for me. so that is the fastest, easiest way to gain confidence all you need. Is a moment of bravery.

You only need a moment of bravery to hit that button or send that email or write that copy or whatever. Because usually once you get into action, it starts to feel better and it starts to feel good. Right? So the fast way to get into that moment of bravery, [00:17:00] so you can actually take an action and go do it, is to really shift the focus and, and remember why you're in business and it is not for you.

It is for. The people you're going to serve. 

Kristy: And those people that react negatively. Cause there's so many trolls and there's so many people that just unhappy people that just feel the need to comment on, on things that they have no business commenting on. But honestly, every time you, you have somebody who reacts negatively to it or, or not positively to it.

That's one person that you know, is not your ideal customer, 

it's still a move forward. You're still working through 

jennifer: the weeds. Yeah. You know, I kind of think of it. It's almost like when you're dating and if you see a quality in someone you don't really, like, you want to know about that quality faster.

Right. So it's kind of like that in business. And the other thing I think too is, I had someone. Right on one of my Facebook ads the other day and say, like, get this out of my newsfeed in caps. And I went to her profile. I was like, well, this is [00:18:00] interesting. Like who would write such a thing?

And I clicked through and I'm like, here she is looking happy with her family. And All I could think about was like, what's going on in your world that would compel you to write this on my post. That you could just hide by posts. You could just ignore it and scroll on. Like, you don't need to interact, but instead you chose to write that.

Like, I really was more like, yeah, I felt bad for her. I'm like, there's gotta be something going on in her life, you know, because you know, I mean, you can't, you can't worry about those people because. Because they're going to be there no matter what. You have to learn how to deal with them. And I think with women, 

Kristy: in marketing in general, 

jennifer: we have this block where women don't 

Kristy: like to, they feel like they're putting themselves in people's faces when they mark it. Right. They don't like to market their business. They don't like to sell because they feel like they're invading somehow. And I always say, I always say. 

jennifer: if what you have is 

Kristy: good, if you believe in what you have, you have a [00:19:00] responsibility to share it with people who it's going to help, A 

jennifer: hundred percent and think about this. just think about the, products and services you love to buy from. Are you happy that they're there and that they remind you that they're there on a regular basis. So then you can go buy from them. Like people love buying things. I know 

Kristy: I do. Yeah. Even beyond having the responsibility to market.

I think adding on what you're talking about today, you've got the responsibility, not only to market the heck out of whatever it is that you have, that's going to help 

jennifer: these people, but you have the responsibility to do it 

Kristy: authentically. So you're reaching the right people and weeding out the wrong people.

And that's, that's on you as the, as the business owner to, to tell people who 

jennifer: you are and what your. Yeah. And I also feel, you know, for a lot of business owners, they feel like a big part of their life's work as wrapped up through their business. but I think something that's even more important than that is like who you be while you [00:20:00] do.

And that. Is whether it's in or outside of your business and the more you let yourself be yourself, which sounds so simple, but it is certainly not easy to implement on a regular basis, until you get practiced at it. But I think that that is also, if we can look at that as part of. Our overall contribution because you know, when you give yourself permission, to be who you are in the world, and you're blessed to have a business, you can express it through.

It really gives you the opportunity to have a larger impact just by being who you are by showing people, Hey, it's good to be who you are and Hey, you can be successful while being true to yourself and being a good person and doing whatever it is you're doing. 

Kristy: we talked about, how to make this easier to. Be yourself and your business. So don't focus on yourself was the first one. 

jennifer: So the [00:21:00] other one is about the story. So at any point in time, in your waking hours, you are telling yourself a story.

the question is, is the story you're telling yourself about whatever is happening, a story that is empowering you or a story that is disempowering you. And so if you are feeling a lack of confidence, then it means the story you're telling yourself is one that is, disempowering you. So you want to ask yourself, number one, like what is the story I'm telling myself.

Oh, if I put out this video, what if like my, sister sees it and she makes fun of this, this, this, or what if my blah, blah, blah, like what are the, whatever the story. Right. Okay. But what if you change the story? what if I put this out there and someone comments, and this was the thing that they needed to move forward with whatever, what if I put this out there and people love it?

are you saying. To yourself when people don't want to hear what I have to say or this or that, actually people do want to hear what you have to say. What if there are people? And what happens I find is in the stories that we tell ourselves, we tend to, especially the ones that are doing.[00:22:00] 

Empowering. They tend to be absolutes. Like it doesn't matter. People don't want to hear it. I think this isn't going to work, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And what I would say to people like, okay, well, is that a hundred percent true? Like, do you know, not one of the 7 billion people on the planet are going to enjoy what you have to say.

And then the answer is, well, no, I don't know. So there's room for a different story. Right. And you know, so you always want to check in with yourself and ask yourself, what is the narrative and is it supporting you to get to where you want to go? Or is it not? Because there is always a narrative.

There is never not a narrative with human beings. We are story creatures and that's how we're living our lives. The question is, is the story you're telling yourself, getting you to move forward or is it keeping you from. And I feel like that's a 

Kristy: big one specifically for women. You know, we spend so much time in our heads.

We overthink things ridiculously I've had entire situations played out in my head that are [00:23:00] completely fictional and never happened. And I got upset about, 

jennifer: yeah, 

Kristy: We need to, we need to pay attention to those. 

So we know we need to be ourself in our business. We, we now know how to get the confidence to do that.

Right. We're going to, we're going to not look at our. It's not about us. It's about our customer, our client, our audience. So let's look at them instead of ourselves. And we're gonna look at the stories that we're telling ourselves and how much of it is true and how much of it needs to be rewritten. and that's, that all goes to the negative self-talk and the positive affirmations 

jennifer: it's so important.

Like people, you know, it's, it's funny. the coaches who are listening will know, and if you've ever worked with a coach you'll know, I remember, I remember this when I was first starting to become an entrepreneur 2008 and I heard Tony Robbins say success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics. You know, mindset is the difference between. Do I send the email? Do I not?

Do I raise my prices? Do I not? Do I stay consistent on Instagram? Do I not? Do I keep the promise to myself? Do I [00:24:00] not? Am I worthy of getting up and do a workout or do I do this other thing for this other person? Like it's all in your head constantly. The stories we tell ourselves are what dictate the decisions we make, which dictate our outcome.

Which dictate how we feel, which dictates going, it goes back around in a circle. So, the, the mindset pieces is critical. It's critical. And I think it's very important. no entrepreneur should be without a coach because ever, because it's too easy to get caught up in your story and not even realize you're in it.

and sometimes it takes time to break patterns that we have been playing for sometimes decades. 

 Ultimately we become what we believe people, human beings from a psychology standpoint will live out the identity of how they see themselves. And so if you don't see yourself as successful, you will always struggle.

Kristy: So if we, put in the work, we've figured out, we've asked herself [00:25:00] the question, we, we know who we are and we start expressing that in our business. What's, what's the upside of that. What are we going to see on the other end of that? What are we shooting for by doing that? 

jennifer: Well, I think a few things, the first of all is really.

because it is, like I said, 

Kristy: it's exhausting trying to be something you're not like, it's just, it's 

jennifer: exhausting. So it's like, oh, I just get to be myself. Like I can just, you know, what's interesting is, so we're here having this conversation. Like if you came to my home, like, this is how we would be talking.

If you meet me on the street, I am no different here than I am with my clients than I am on a sales call. Then I am like, This is what you get. that's good because I don't have to put on a different hat to do something different, which is exhausting. And, and I think that. first of all, when you be yourself in your marketing, your business is gonna grow faster and more easily, which is a bonus.

But I actually think there's a more than the money or the growth. I feel like. when you look at the research behind the [00:26:00] regrets of the dying, right? Like nobody gets to their deathbed and says, oh, I wish I wish I'd worked more. I wish this already, the, the top five regrets of the dying, one of them is, you know, I wish I had lived a life truer to me.

To who I was. I wish I hadn't chosen the career. My parents chose for me, or I wish this a rich that, so I feel like, no matter what ends up happening with your business in terms of money, sales, clients, whatever, the gift of really being who you are, which. that it's just not as simple.

Like most people are not being true to themselves if they really look at themselves. and I can't even think of a better gift to give yourself and to. The world, because when you look at who are some of the most influential people, like one of the people that come to mind is Oprah. Like, man, over, like she digs in, she's like, this is it.

People like, this is who I am. And she is an example of what is possible. If you fully embrace, because she could very well be like, well, people don't [00:27:00] like when you're loud and when you're this and when you're that, or when you're really animated, she's very animated. Right? But that's not what people see, it's now become part of her persona and who she is.

And I think that is the gift she gave. The world, not just because of the work that she did, but because it's so refreshing to see someone fully embrace who they are and then watch the rewards that come with that. Because I think we have too many examples of people who are not being who they are.

Kristy: it gives you permission to be yourself, right? It gives 

jennifer: you an unconscious permission. Not that you really need it, but it is helpful. Like it's, it's easier to go down a road where there's a path versus a road where you're the one totally carving the path. And so being able to have models of people who are finding success, by doing it their way.

And by that, I mean, being who they are and the other person that came to mind actually is, the owner of Spanx. She is very big on [00:28:00] this. And she knew when she even started Spanx. she, did, Barilla marketing. She, always was very focused on fun and a fun culture and very feminine and like just embracing.

running her business very different than the traditional corporate business. And, it worked 

Kristy: especially this year or last, I guess the winter, it worked out for her and all of her employees. 

jennifer: Oh my God. I know. Amazing. And I love it. And she, you know, when her Instagram posts and stuff, She encourages that she's like, you know, I did it this way. I did it this way. Like I want it pink. So we were pink, like, and I was like, okay, I'll pick two,


Okay, I think that's a takeaway for all of us this week. I think we all need to sit down honestly, and look at our businesses first, look at ourselves, say why, why do we do. And then what we stand for, what do we stand against? And then what's our most important message.

And then actually look at our business, look at our website, look at our, schedules, look at all of the parts of our business and say, are we [00:29:00] accurately reflecting all of these answers to these questions. 

jennifer: Yeah. And, and trust that people will come to you. You know, I just want to, I'll end with this quick story for my own life.

there's two things. One in how I had chosen one of my most recent business mentors. Who's been around for a couple of years of my life. and two is what people always say to me. So when I, the business venture that I've had for the last couple of years, he was the first person who was, steps in like many steps ahead of me in terms of like financial success and growth and all that.

and he is so kind like so kind and very generous and into an, into his family and had balance in his life. And I remember. Meeting him was very important on my personal journey because I found it hard to find people who had a life, the way that I wanted to live it and success in my area.

Like I was like, I don't want to work all the time. And, I [00:30:00] want to be a good person. Like I don't want, I don't want to lie, especially as a business coach with overnight sensations on, like I always struggled with, but how do I market? Because people want fast and easy, but it's not fast and easy. That's lying.

Like that's literally lying. Like. Is there a unicorn who has some type of success in six months. Sure. But usually they've been working for 5, 10, 15, 20 years to get that kind of six. Like, do you know what I mean? So I found it difficult to navigate, like, how am I going to scale this business truthfully?

Right. And, and be a good person and do all these things. And then I found this person and he had done it and I was like, whoa, this is awesome. And, and, and the reason I partly, I knew that it was because of his marketing. Like he puts that out there. If you go to his Instagram, like his family is there, it talks about as non-for-profit like this, this, this, this.

And then once I started working with him, like it, it just, it bled through like the message was 100%. And the same thing is I don't even know if he fully knows, like I learned things from him in terms of [00:31:00] business. But to me, that gift of having someone with the same values and belief systems be that successful in my niche was very important for me.

And I didn't even know was important. Until like years later, you know, I didn't, I didn't know. And then I realized that's when it gave me a level of confidence that. I didn't even know I needed. So I think that's one of the other things like you just, you just don't know what gift you will give people, by being who you are.

And some of them you'll never hear from, and other ones will tell you, like, I've ha I always ask people. How did you find me? Or why did you pick me? Cause there's a million coach for coaches, but they'll always come down to the same stuff. oh, I like how you're just relaxed. I like that you focus on joy.

I like that. How you laugh? these are not rocket science things. Like obviously they think I can help them get the job done. But when it comes down to it, when I realized was it's always personality, it's always those little things that make you, [00:32:00] you, which is what people gravitate towards.

And so you have, but you have to be brave enough to be that. 

Kristy: Well, I think it's a risk worth taking 

jennifer: a hundred percent. 

Kristy: So before we wrap up here, I like to ask what is 

jennifer: your best bit of advice beyond what we've covered today? 

Kristy: Newer women founders.

jennifer: So beyond what we covered today, because today is important. I honestly, you have to play the long game. I think the thing that kills most dreams is people have large goals, nothing wrong with having large goals, have them. What kills them is people's timeline. 'cause you, you do not know what you do not know.

And I can guarantee you, you do not know a lot yet. Like there's a lot, you need to learn. You have a large learning curve ahead of you. It's going to be harder than you think it's going to be up, down all around. You're going to have super highs. You're going to be like, what am I doing this for? And it's like a roller coaster and the thing that trips most people up is they think they [00:33:00] signed up for like, A one K race, not realizing they signed up for a marathon, so they're not trained for it.

They don't have the water, they don't have the food, they don't have the mindset. They're not ready. But the reality is if you came to build a business, you're not in a one K race you're in for ultra marathon. So like get, and I, think looking at it from the perspective as. It is going to be the most transformative experience of your life.

if you let entrepreneurship habits way with you, you will become. This amazing version of yourself that you maybe didn't even know was possible. but transformation like that takes time. So you have to play the long game. Don't let short-term losses throw you off. You know, you're, if you're in business, you're you got to commit to five to 10 years, like go for it longterm and then, hire help, get coaches, get mentors, get advisors, join memberships, join courses.

you cannot do it alone. Like you just can't it's too. 

Kristy: I agree with that 100%, it [00:34:00] absolutely changes for the better, It's important to set enormous audacious goals.

And I like to set a timeline for, for all of my goals, just so that I'm pushing towards it. And there is a, there's a finite end, however, that date? That timeline has got to be flexible because like you said, you don't know what's going to happen. And if your timeline is flexible, you are guaranteed to hit your goals because you're not going to stop.

You're going to keep going until you get there. So if your goal is to make a million dollars, by the end of the year, you might not get there, but are you going to quit? You're not going to quit. You're going to keep going. Right. So you're going to get there. Eventually. It just might not be by the end of this year.

And I think that takes the fear out of the failures. 

jennifer: I can't even tell you the number of conversations we've had about this, because it's so many over the years. But it's just that people see social media and they think that that's reality.

And what I have said to them is like, listen, if there's one thing I know for sure, and I know this will never change is if you see someone [00:35:00] whose business blew up seemingly overnight, I guaranteed.

Oh, a doubt. There is at least a decade of something behind them. nobody creates that kind of success that fast. It just does not happen. But you can work for years where you build a good foundation and systems and team and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you're ready to scale and things start to align.

And then you see the growth, like rather quickly that does happen. but to be an overnight success, The by definition doesn't even make sense. Like it just doesn't make long. 

Kristy: It sells well, though. Unfortunately. So it, it shows up everywhere so before we sign off here, I just want to make sure we get all of your information here.

So we're going to put this in the show notes, but, Jennifer give it to us verbally too. So in case anybody doesn't have the show notes handy, they can, they can find you, where are they in? 

jennifer: you can go to my website, which is Jennifer dash with And, I got some really good freebies there too, that, are really helpful, especially actually a what I tell you this one around mindset, [00:36:00] where I had asked 10 of my six-figure clients, lash colleagues, like what was their secret to getting into six figures?

Because it was, and it was a shift in their head. It was not something they like learned strategically. So I put that together, you know, really great download. They can get from the website as well. So Jennifer dash 

Kristy: Trask, T R a S K. Yep. Okay. And we're gonna put in the show notes and if you're listening on a platform where there are no show notes, sometimes you can't see the show notes.

If you just go straight over to the podcast website, it's one step All of the links, the episode, the show notes, everything is there as well. So, well, that was amazing. all sorts of great takeaways there. And I've got some little notes here on my pad for things I'm going to do my own business this week, Jennifer.

Sorry. I appreciate that. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today. It was great to meet you. Yeah, it was great to meet you too. And 

jennifer: thank you for having me. It's been a blast.